The Scottish Rite Masons

Scottish Rite Masons are a branch of freemasonry with chapters worldwide. In the early 1950's, the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Southern Jurisdiction U.S.A. (Which operates in 38 states), decided that enabling children with significant speech and language delays to be able to speak would be one of its official charitable endeavors. The first speech therapy clinic was established in Denver, Colorado. Since then, speech therapy clinics and programs have been established in 179 locations throughout the country. In some states, Scottish Rite speech and language programs are affiliated with hospitals or universities. In other states, such as in Washington State, the organizations are independent.
The board of directors of RiteCare of Washington is the governing body of Rite Care in this state. While all of the Scottish Rite speech and language centers benefit from contributions made by individual Scottish Rite Masons, they are also supported by the broader community of people who care about the communication capabilities of children. RiteCare of Valdosta provides diagnostic and therapeutic services to children, aged two through seven, whose primary disorder is a severe delay in language or speech development. Rite Care clinicians specialize in parent education.
Through the financial support of the Scottish Rite Masons, private donors, and dedicated volunteers- more than 170 Rite Care centers across the United States serve more than 28,500 children each year.

Watch video of a cochlear implant activation from a Scottish Rite Clinic in Atlanta

Program Eligibility: As a rule, the Rite Care Clinics accept preschool children who have difficulty speaking or understanding the spoken word or school age children who have difficulty learning to read. Some centers also offer literacy training for adults. Inquiries on age groups and program offerings in specific areas should be addressed to the director of the local Scottish Rite facility. Equally important, all services are available regardless of race, creed, or the family's inability to pay. While all children in need are eligible for available RiteCare Program treatment, please consult with your local facility for specific financial information.
RiteCare provides speech and language therapy to children between the ages of 2 and 7 with significant communication delays. Services are provided based on a child's need, without regard to family income or Masonic affiliation. Children meeting developmental milestones in the areas of cognitive function, gross and fine motor skills, whose primary concern is speech and /or language may be eligible. Parents or other community members are always welcome to contact RiteCare regarding communication disorders or the eligibility of children for the program.
Parents are the primary contact for all children. Parents or Caregivers are asked to call RiteCare to begin the application process. In the Valdosta area contact the clinic at 229-244-4545. Inquiries regarding individual children, eligibility or services are welcome.
Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I get speech therapy from RiteCare for my child? If your child is between the ages of two and seven and has a speech or language delay, RiteCare may be able to help. Parents or legal guardians are the primary initial contact to begin the application process.

How do I make a donation to 'more than words' Pediatric Therapy Associates through the Scottish Rite Masons? Click the RiteCare logo below. At the site, select Albany Valley and designate donation to "more than words" Valdosta RiteCare.

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