OT/SI Therapies

The Professional Therapy Staff of 'more than words' Pediatric Therapy utilizes Standard Assessment Tools and/or professional judgment to evaluate and treat children.
Occupational Therapy focuses on enhancing development and improving functional independence with self-care and activities of daily living. Through age appropriate play and activities, therapists work with children to improve skills for dressing, bathing, grooming, feeding, completing tasks, problem solving, writing, improved attention span and social skills. They work on:
  • Upper extremity strength and coordination
  • Fine motor skills - use of fingers and hands
  • Self-care skills
  • Visual motor skills/visual perceptual
  • Sensory processing and modulation skills
  • Adaptive Equipment assessment and recommendations
  • Examples of Diagnoses that may benefit from OT: Developmental Delay, Autism, Asperger's, Down syndrome, Mental Retardation, Cerebral Palsy.

    About Us

    'more than words' Pediatric Therapy Associates, INC: Some of the best occupation, and speech-language therapists are right in your backyard at 'more than words' Pediatric Therapy. Therapists at 'more than words' treat all children with special needs, from birth to eighteen, from the most mild developmental delays to complex medical, neuromuscular, orthopedic, cognitive, congenital, and developmental challenges. Our therapists partner with parents, whether parents know nothing about child development, or are the savviest of parents, to increase a child's success, independence, and ease of day-to-day life at home, school and in the community.


    The therapists at 'more than words' are amazing and have done wonders for our child and our family. They are compassionate and very well trained. She has come a long way and loves her therapist.

    Geo Crume